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    A recent 15 minute interview at the Socionomics Institute provides answers PLUS Spotting market tops

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    Three Modules to Help in Your Investment Success

    Investment Markets Overview

    An incisive weekly commentary of Economic, Market and Geo-political events.

    Investment Markets Overview is a comprehensive commentary on the main economic and market related events of the week. Published at least 40 times per year it also includes an often differing geo-political perspective of events that you may read elsewhere and includes interesting and informative charts in respect of global economic data and financial markets. Priced very competitively and with no contractual obligation unless purchasing a discounted annual subscription, it provides a very cost effective overview for all financial market observers and/or practitioners whether professional institutions or private individuals.


    Click HERE for a Sample OR HERE for a free taster of the latest IMO


    A "Limited Edition" of one-off topics, such as Geo-political events, Housing, Population and/or Climate Change issues will appear periodically:


    Housing Special of 10 February 2017 is available now

    Investment Timing Service

    "Off the Peg" or "Bespoke."

    Unlike "fundamental analysis," which leaves much to human interpretation, Charts never lie as "price is what it is!"


    Today's investment markets are dominated by mutual funds' (collectives known as Unit and Investment trusts, OEICs, ETFs) with most being predominantly "index-trackers," so it is important to know how the main geographical stock-indices have performed, and more importantly, are likely to perform.


    The "Off the Shelf" service does just that for the main stock indices of the US, UK, Europe, Japan, Asia and the Gold price, whereas the "Bespoke" service offers the same template for any other quoted security, be it a stock-index, individual share, bonds, fund, or commodity. Currencytiming is available on a sister site.


    To simplify life, all charts show an easy to understand colour-coded BUY, SELL OR HOLD signals


    Click HERE for an "Off the Shelf" Sample


    Investmentmatters Extra


    fA monthly commentary which includes the following:

    •  An important item of economic data released during the month plus a supporting chart 


    • A chart of the month section which includes a topical view, often contrarian in nature and intended to provide some lateral thinking 


    • A collectives corner section, which provides performance statistics for the major mutual fund sectors over a YTD,1,3 and 5 year period, expanding on the winning sector of the month by way of a colour-coded buy, sell or hold chart.


    Click HERE for a Sample


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  • Knowledge Sharing

    Thoughts, musings, and ruminations for you to share

  • Q417 Webinar: Global Market Crash Alert!

    Why It's Inevitable, How to Avoid It and How to Prosper from It

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  • For a look to the future, we must study the past.

    Plus strive for the best.


    30+ years of investment experience...... advising, managing, analysing, writing, commenting, watching and listening.......confirm to me at least that markets, which after all are made up of decisions by human beings on whether to Buy,Sell or hold, are repetitive and not random...as such their predictability can be of immense use for not just investment decision-making but for life in general, be it of political change, the arts, propensity towards war, pandemics, sex to name but a few areas.

    You are welcome to join me on the journey forward, assisted by many lessons from the past, in what is hoped you will find a rewarding, thought-provoking, contrarian experience with some added humour

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    Nice Words

    'I've been reading Investmentmatter's publications for over a decade and subscribing to the premium service for several years. Throughout this period, Charlie has consistently provided one of the most useful financial summaries out there; presenting 'the financial world in a week' as a well-written and succinct commentary. The analysis includes data not covered by most 'mainstream' sources, which makes it even more informative. Compared to the vested-interest and perma-bull outlooks from investment groups, Investmentmatters provides a more robust view of global markets with an appropriate degree of scepticism. The text is incisive and presented in a clear and easy to understand manner, with plenty of charts. Definite value for money and highly recommended.'.............UK-based macro economist @ 30 July 2015


    Thanks for the positive response! I shall certainly follow the blog of a man who predicted the 2008 meltdown three years before it happened!.........Ronel S, Capetown Property Attorney and LinkedIn follower January 2017


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